Spin Master M.A.S.H. Game Age 17+

Spin Master M.A.S.H. Game Age 17+

1 ct box


An adult spin on the iconic game. 20 minutes. Knowledge of English required. You'll be crushin' on this hella fun party game! will you get what you hope for or will fate throw you for a spin? your future awaits. Your dirty thirty birthday party! Forget the usual restaurant, your party is. You arrange for you and your crew to arrive via. The highlight of the night will be. You end up going home with. At a nudist colony with llamas. The backs of your haters. Getting a nipple piercing. Add a personal touch with dry erase cards! Kelly's hot brother. Contents: 300 fate cards; 20 scenario cards; 16 mystery dry erase fate cards; 6 dry erase markers; 1 mash banner board; 1 spiral dry erase card; 1 mystery dry erase scenario card; 4 mash tokens. Content may vary from pictures. Age 17+.

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