Scrub Daddy Dye Free FlexTexture Scrubber

Scrub Daddy Dye Free FlexTexture Scrubber

1 ct pkg




Dye free. Scratch free. Resists odors. Soft in warm water & firm in cool water. America's favorite sponge! There's nothing else like me! I'm soft in warm water and firm in cool water. I can remove many stains with just water to minimize your use of harsh chemicals. I'm scratch free and odor resistant. My eyes provide an ergonomic grip with two fingers. My smile cleans both sides of your utensils. The smile face sponge company. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. Snapchat. Find tips & ideas online Packaging made with recycled materials.

Kitchen: dishes, fridges, produce, counters, cutting boards. Household: cabinets, hardware, floors, walls, baseboards. Bathroom: shower, sink & toilet, fixtures, cabinets. Outdoor: lawn furniture, swingsets, fences, deck railings.

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