Scrub Daddy Scour Daddy

Scrub Daddy Scour Daddy

3 ct pkg


Scrub Daddy® Scour Daddy®. The Original. Scratch free & resists odors. ArmorTec® mesh. Scouring pad. Armortec™. 3 Pack. My Armortec® Mesh. Is 18% stronger than the leading competitor. Happy Scrub Daddy faces help you scour with a smile!™. Heat-treated mesh rinses easily to release food particles. Resists odors. Scratch free on non-stick pans and other delicate surfaces (test in small area first). Hang me by my loop to dry fast!. My flextexture® core. Is 32% thicker, 65% stronger and absorbs 64% more water than the leading competitor.* Rinses free of debris to help resist odors. Soft in warm water, firm in cool water so you control your scour power. Bright colors help you organize your cleaning. Soft Firm. Ordinary Scouring Pad flimsy sponge weakens your leverage. Scour Daddy sturdy core distributes pressure effectively. The Smile Face Sponge® Company. Scour with a smile™. Scour Daddy® is stronger, thicker and more absorbent than ordinary scouring pads. Under its ArmorTec® mesh you'll find the same FlexTexture® foam that made Scrub Daddy America's Favorite Sponge!®. I can help you all around your home! Household: Furniture, cabinets, shelves, hardware, floors, windows, walls, baseboards. Outdoor: Lawn furniture, swingset, toys, bikes, fences, deck railings. Kitchen: Non-stick pots & pans, ceramic & enamel stovetops, china, dishes, utensils. Bathroom: Shower, sink, toilet, floors, cabinets, fixtures. Mix and match colors to organize your cleaning! Made in China with exclusive German materials. Patent pending. Independent lab verified. For details visit Find tips & ideas online


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