Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Pacs Free & Clear

Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Pacs Free & Clear

20 ct pkg

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What's Inside Our Safe* & Effective Formula: Sodium Carbonate (Mineral-Based Cleaning Agent). Citric Acid (Plant-Derived Water Softener). Sodium Sulfate (Mineral-Based Processing Aid). Sodium Percarbonate (Mineral-Based Oxygen Stain Removal Agent). PPG-10-Laureth-7 (Plant-Modified Synthetic Cleaning Agent). Sodium Polyaspartate (Synthetic Anti-Filming Agent). Sodium Silicate (Mineral-Based Cleaning Enhancer). Sodium Magnesium Silicate (Mineral-Based Anti-Spotting Agent). Sodium Aluminosilicate (Mineral-Based Water Softener). Protease (Plant-Derived Enzyme Blend Soil Remover). Amylase (Plant-Derived Enzyme Blend Soil Remover). Film: Polyvinyl Alcohol (Synthetic Water Soluble Film). Glycerin (Plant-Derived Processing Aid). *When Used As Directed.


Do not unwrap or puncture pack. Do not handle pack with wet hands. Keep out of reach of children. Caution: Injurious to eyes. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and prolonged skin contact. First Aid Treatment: For product contents see ingredient list. Contact With Eyes: Flush immediately with water for at least 15 minutes and consult a physician. If Swallowed: Drink plenty of water and call a Poison Control Center or physician immediately. Do not induce vomiting.


Seventh Generation™ Dishwasher Detergent Packs Free & Clear. USDA Certified Biobased product 78%. Powerful clean. 0% Fragrances. 0% Dyes. 0% Chlorine bleach. Net Wt 12.6 oz (360 g). A clean you can trust. For more than 25 years, we've been thoughtfully formulating safe & effective plant-based products that work. Really well. Gluten free. Phosphate free. Septic safe. Not tested on animals. No animal ingredients. B Corporation Certified. Reg. U.S. Patent & TM Off. Seventh Generation and other trademarks are owned or licensed by Seventh Generation, Inc. Call: 1-800-211-4279. Email: [email protected] Learn more at:

How To Use: Load Dishwasher - Make sure items are dishwasher safe. Load items with soiled surfaces facing the center and keep taller items away from the center. Silver, aluminum and stainless steel should be washed in separate loads to avoid discoloration. Add Detergent - Place one pack in the main dispenser cup and close dispenser door. For very hard water we recommend using Seventh Generation Rinse Aid.

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