Toastabags Oven & BBQ Bags

Toastabags Oven & BBQ Bags

6 ct pkg


Oven & BBQ Bags.


Cautions: 1. Suitable for temperatures up to 500°F/230°C. 2. So as not to exceed max temp, when cooking on a BBQ with lid, make sure the lid is left off or open. 3. Make sure that the food is piping hot and cooked through before serving. 4. Always use oven gloves when handling the hot bag. 5. Make sure that the clear side of the bag is pierced before use to create a vent and release any air during cooking.


Oven & BBQ Bags. Technology by toastabags®. For ovens, BBQ's, griddles and hotplates. Great to use on the BBQ. Seals in sauces and marinades for extra flavour. Keeps BBQ, griddles and hotplates clean. Perfect for meat, fish and vegetables. It simply works! Bags standard. Bag size 12 x 7.5 inches approx. Made in UK. Toastabags is a trading division of Planit Products Ltd. Tel: +44 (0) 1684 574797. Email: [email protected] Visit:

Instructions for use: 1. Place all your ingredients into the bag and fold the end over twice to seal 2. Pierce clear film several times to allow air to vent when cooking. 3. Place in oven, on baking tray or on BBQ with the clear side facing up. 4. To serve, peel back the clear film, taking care as bag and contents will be hot.


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