Reynolds Kitchens Quick Cut Plastic Wrap

Reynolds Kitchens Quick Cut Plastic Wrap

225 sq ft

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225 sq ft (225 ft x 12 in). 20.9 sq m (68.5 m x 30.4 m). Built-in slide cutter. Clean cut every time. Easy: Easy-to-use built-in slide cutter gives a clean cut every time. Locks: Slide cutter locks in place stays secured when not in use. Seals: Stretch wrap over bowl to create long-lasting tight seal that keeps food fresh. Stays Put: Grip strip keeps film in place for next use. Made of Polyethylene. BPA free.

Microwavable. Reheating Instructions: Cover microwave safe containers with wrap to reheat foods. Turn back one corner to vent steam. Always leave at least 1-inch between wrap and food. Heat for up to 3 minutes. Overheating foods with high fat or sugar content may melt wrap. Use caution when removing wrap from hot containers. Do not use in browning units, conventional ovens, stovetops, toaster ovens or grills.

Country of Origin

Country Of Origin: China


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