9 Elements Purifying Softener Lemon Scent

9 Elements Purifying Softener Lemon Scent

67 oz btl


Ingredients Include Citric Acid.


Caution: Eye irritant. See back panel.Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, give a glassful of water. Call a physician. In case of eye contact, immediately and gently rinse with water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical advice. Do not reuse this package for dispensing beverages or other liquids. Do not use with bleach.Contains no phosphate.


USDA Certified Biobased product. Product 95%. Vinegar powered clean like detoxifying (Like a detox for your clothes, 9 Elements helps purify fabrics from hard water metals and trapped odors. Use with your laundry detergent to soften fabrics and restore colors) your clothes. No vinegar odor left behind. Never More Than 9 Ingredients Made With: Water. Plant Based Cleanser: Citric acid. Plant Based Water Softener: Sodium citrate. Plant Based Solvent: Propylene glycol. Lemon Essential Oil: Fragrances. Vinegar. Made Without: Artificial preservatives. Dyes. Thickeners. Brighteners. Synthetic fragrances. Plant based (Plant based means 95% of ingredients are plant derived and subjected to processing). Gentle on skin. Clothes longetivity. SmartLabel: Scan barcode with SmartLabel app for more info. Questions? 1-877-267-0514 or visit www.nine-elements.com.

How to Use: For regular loads, fill to just below bar 2 on cap. For larger loads, please fill to 3rd bar or more. Pour desired amount in softener dispenser tray or directly with clothes during the rinse cycle. Like all vinegar products, do not use with bleach. Not intended for use with rayon fabrics.


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