Tide PODS 3 in 1 Liquid Laundry Detergent Pacs Original

Tide PODS 3 in 1 Liquid Laundry Detergent Pacs Original

96 ct tub


Formula Contains MEA-Las; MEA C12-15 Alkyl Ether Sulfate/MEA (C12-C15); C10-16 Pareth; Propylene Glycol; Glycerin; MEA Salts Of C12-18 Fatty Acids; Pheylpropyl Ethyl Methicone; Simethicone; Trimethyl Siloxysilicate; Polyethyleimine Alkoxylated; Pentasodium Pentetate; PEG-136 Polyvinyl Alcohol; MEA-Citrate; Sodum Bisuldite; Hydrogenated Castor Oil; Calcium Formate; Disodium Distrylbiphenyl Disulfonate; Subtillisin; Amylase Enzyme; Mannanase Enzyme; Acrylates Copolymer; Denatonium Benzoate; Polyvinyl Alcohol Polymer; Colorants; Fragrances; Water.


First Aid Treatment: Contains nonionic and anionic surfactants, ethoxylated polyethylene polyamine (polymer) and enzymes. If swallowed, or if detergent gets in mouth or eye or on skin, call your local Poison Control Center (or in us: 1-800-222-1222 or doctor immediately. Immediately and thoroughly rinse eye or skin with water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, give a glass of water or milk. Do not induce vomiting.Harmful if put in mouth or swallowed. Eye irritant. Pacs can burst if children put them in mouth or play with them. See warning on back label. Keep out of reach of children. Concentrated detergent pacs can burst if children put them in mouth or play with them. The liquid inside is harmful if put in mouth, swallowed, or in eyes. Keep pacs out of reach of children and pets. Store container where children cannot reach or climb to it, out of sight and in a secure place. Keep container fully closed. Never leave any pacs out of container. Do not let children handle pacs, even if supervised. Avoid breaking pacs. Do not handle pacs with wet or moist hands. Do not expose pacs to moisture. Do not cut or puncture pacs. If pacs stick together, do not try to separate them. May irritate eyes. Do not get in eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


For all machines. he turbo. 25+ weeks of clean (2.3 loads/week). 3 in 1 = detergent + stain remover + color protector. Contains no phosphate. Visit www.tide.com. Questions? 1-800-879-8433.

Please see top of tub for usage instructions.


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