Carbona Stain Devils Spot Remover 8 Coffee, Tea, Wine & Juice

Carbona Stain Devils Spot Remover 8 Coffee, Tea, Wine & Juice

1.7 oz btl


15-30% Oxygen Based Bleaching Agents.


Caution: Eye irritant. Causes serious eye irritation. (See back panel).Caution: Eye irritant. Harmful if in contact with eyes. Causes serious eye irritation. Contains Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate and Disodium Disilicate. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not inhale powder dust. If contact with eyes occurs, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Remove any contact lenses and seek medical attention immediately. If contact with skin occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation develops and persists or if swallowed, call a physician. In case of ingestion do not induce vomiting. In case of inhalation: if breathing is difficult, move to fresh air and rest. Call a physician if symptoms develop or persist.Important: Not suitable for carpets, upholstery, leather, suede, silk and acetate. Test for color fastness on an inconspicuous area of fabric before use. Always check garment care label. Do not treat stains on sensitive surfaces. May not work on previously treated or washed stains.


No. 1 specialty stain removers (Based on unit sales). Spot remover for washable & dry clean only fabrics. From grease stains to ink stains, Carbona Stain Devils are specifically-formulated to remove any laundry stain from washable and dry clean only fabrics. For the messiest of life's moments, claim your stain-victory with Carbona. Stain Devils Stain Chart: No. 1: Nail Polish, Glue & Gum: Adhesives, candle wax, correction fluid. No. 2: Chocolate, Ketchup & Mustard: Pizza, sauces, salsa, spices. No. 3: Ink, Marker & Crayon: Pen, pencil, highlighter, dry erase marker, chalk. No. 4: Blood, Dairy & Ice Cream: Baby formula, eggs. No. 5: Fat & Cooking Oil: Butter, margarine, cooking grease, lard, mayonnaise, pesto. No. 6: Grass, Dirt & Makeup: Mascara, lipstick, foundation, toothpaste, pollen. No. 7: Motor Moil, Tar & Lubricants: Machine oil and grease, lotion, tree sap, shoe polish, fuel, ash and soot, floor wax. No. 8: Coffee Tea, Wine & Juice: Cola, baby food, fruits & vegetables, jelly, jam, syrup, mold & mildew, urine, perfumes, nicotine. No. 9: Rust & perspiration. Join the Conversation: Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. YouTube/CarbonaUSA.

Just 3 easy steps of stain removal: For Small Stains: (1) Dissolve 2 teaspoons in 2 cups of hot water (2) In a shallow bowl, soak stain for 30 minutes. (3) Rinse with warm water or wash fabric as normal (washable fabrics) or dab the stained area thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove all residues (dry clean only fabrics). For Large Stains: Dissolve all Stain Devils powder in 2 gallons of warm water, soak the whole garment for several hours then rinse thoroughly with warm water or wash as normal.

Country of Origin

Egelsbach.,Germany,Made In Germany By: Delta Pronatura


Delta Carbona LP