OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Chlorine Free

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Chlorine Free

1.77 lb can


Eye Contact: Flush with water for 15 minutes; seed medical attention immediately. If Swallowed: Drink a glass of water; do not induce vomiting; seek medical attention immediately. Skin Contact: Flush with water. Do not mix with products containing ammonia, chlorine bleach, or with other household chemicals. Do not mix or store solution in a sealed container, as pressure can build up and the container may rupture causing injury.Keep out of reach of children. Injurious to eyes. Harmful if swallowed. Read warnings on side panel. Contains sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate. Avoid powder or solution contact with eyes and prolonged skin contact (wear gloves).


America's no. 1 versatile stain fighter based on units sold. Use in all machines including HE. Over 101 ways to use! Chlorine free. Tablecloths. Uniforms. Whites. Colors. Denim. Socks. Carpets. Upholstery. Grout. Patio. Cleaner, whiter, brighter. Contain no phosphate. Food safe. 38 loads (Delivers 38 regular loads/uses when measuring to line 1 on scoop). Got a tough stain, need ingredient information or have other questions? Visit OxiClean or call toll-free 1-800-781-7529 Monday through Friday 9 AM - 5 PM ET for stain tips.

For tough laundry stains soak for best results. Mix until completely dissolved. 1. Mix: Fill scoop to line 2 to 4 per 1 gallon of warm water. Submerge stained items in solution after dissolved. Line 2 for typical stains or line 4 for extra tough stains. 2. Soak 1-6 hours. Depending on severity of stain, some stains may require more time to soak. For best results soak for 6 hours. 3. Wash as normal with detergent and OxiClean. Add to every load. Top Loader: Fill washer with water, Add OxiClean and detergent before adding laundry. Line 1-3. Fill to line 1 for regular loads, or more for large or heavily soiled loads. Safe for all colors. HE Washer (Do not mix OxiClean with detergent in the dispenser. Read your HE owner's. Read manual for instructions): Add OxiClean to washer before adding laundry. Line 1-2. Read before use. 1. Always test OxiClean on an inconspicuous area first. Rinse, allow to dry. Safe on colorfast fabrics only. 2. Follow manufacturer's instructions for water temperature and for cleaning garment or item. 3. Do not use on wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather or on fabrics labeled dry clean only. Not for use on jewelry, latex paints, woven baskets, unpainted wicker, jute, teak or finished woods. Metals must not be soaked and must be rinsed immediately and thoroughly. Not for use on rust, dried paint, or bleach damage. Safe for septic tanks. 4. OxiClean works best in warm to hot water. If washing with cold water, first dissolve OxiClean in 16 oz of warm to hot water. Add to cold water. 5. Treat stains while fresh. Always rinse well with cool water. Do not place fabric that has not been thoroughly rinsed into dryer. 6. Some stains require repeated or longer treatments. Adding more Oxiclean powder than directed increases the risk of color loss. Additional english & spanish directions on insert inside.