Zout Action Foam Stain Remover Trigger Spray

Zout Action Foam Stain Remover Trigger Spray

22 oz btl


Stain Remover Action Foam.


Caution: Eye and skin irritant. Contains cleaning agents (surfactants and enzymes). In case of eye or skin contact, flush with water. Harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, give a large glass of water or milk. Contact a physician. Do not treat garment when wearing. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for use on silk.


Zout® Stain Remover Action Foam. Stains gone. Guaranteed!* Triple enzyme formula. Laundry stain remover. 22 fl oz (1 pint 6 fl oz) 651 ml. Zout® Triple Enzyme Formula is guaranteed to remove stains such as oil, grass, baby foods, sports drinks, and BBQ sauce on cotton or polycotton. Amylase: For starch stains like BBQ sauce, chocolate syrup, tomato sauce, and baby food. Protease: For protein stains like baby formula, blood, and grass. Lipase: For fat & oil stains like butter, salad dressing, and canola oil. Zout® Formula is safe on all colorfast washables. Zout® Formula does not harm the flame resistance of children's sleepwear. Quality from Henkel. *If you are not satisfied that Zout® stain remover removed the mentioned stains we will refund the cost of your Zout® stain remover purchase only. Call 1-800-350-4932. Refunds do not apply to treated garments. Stain removal tips: For more information and stain removal tips visit our website. Need help with a stain? Call our Consumer Information Center at: 1-800-350-4932 or Visit: www.zout.com. ©2011 The Dial Corporation.

Directions: 1. Turn nozzle on. 2. Spray to completely cover the stain. Rub in. 3. Wait 1-5 minutes. Launder in warmest water per fabric care instructions.

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