Kaytee Wild Bird Food Nyjer Seed

Kaytee Wild Bird Food Nyjer Seed

4.65 lb btl


Thistle Seed (Bot. Guizotia Abyssinica).


Allergen information: manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts and other tree nuts.


Kaytee® Nyjer® Seed Wild Bird Food. Free sock feeder inside. Finch favorite. Attracts goldfinches, purple finches, pine siskins, lesser finches, indigo buntings & more. Kaytee® Nyjer® Seed: Nyjer® seed is the premier seed for attracting finches, buntings, siskins and a variety of other small songbirds. These small songbirds have smaller beaks so Nyjer's bite-size and high oil content make it a healthy choice for them. A free sock feeder is also included in this package, to offer you extra value with the food and feeder all in one! Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein (min.) - 18.0%. Crude fat (min.) - 35.0%. Crude fiber (max.) - 19.0%. Moisture (max.) - 12.0%. For bird feeding purposes (not for planting). Nyjer® is a registered trademark of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute. Kaytee Avian Foundation. Education conservation research. Central Garden & Pet. Wild bird feeding institute. Central garden & pet. Satisfaction guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion with cash register receipt to: Kaytee guarantee. 521 Clay Street, Chilton, WI 53014. 1-800-KAYTEE-1. 920-849-2321. [email protected] Visit us @ kaytee.com. ©2010 Kaytee Products, Inc.

How to attract wild birds: Provide food year-round. Provide a source of fresh water. Place feeders near shrubs and trees for cover. Directions for use: Keep feeders filled with fresh food. Discard old food before refilling and clean feeders regularly to minimize mold and bacteria. This product is only intended for feeding wild birds. Storage instructions: Reseal package and store in a cool dry place, preferably in a sealed container. This will protect against insect infestation that can naturally occur with any whole grain seed product.


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