Cat It Senses Feeding Maze

Cat It Senses Feeding Maze

1 ct pkg


Cat It® Senses Feeding Maze. Design. Controls portions. Prevents overeating - stimulates mental & physical activity. Touch. Taste. Sight. Adjustable levels of difficulty. Adjustable disk rotates to reduce size of openings for a more difficult challenge. Accu-pressure mat provides pressure point paw massage. Cat moves food through maze by pawing through side openings. Cat eats from food tray once food falls through maze.* Catit® design senses feeding maze: Re-energizes your cat and helps control weight by slowing down food intake and encouraging exercise. It also satisfies your cat's need to hunt and play, which helps lower stress and anxiety to maintain a healthy mental balance. *Food and treats not included. Create a complete sensory activity center for your pet! (all products sold separately). Hagen®.

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Rolf C. Hagen Inc.


Mansfield, MA. 02048