Companion Cat Litter Multi-Cat Light Weight Unscented

Companion Cat Litter Multi-Cat Light Weight Unscented

17.5 lb jug


Ground Clay, Odor Control System.


Not ApplicableThis product does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria. Please wash hands thoroughly after handling used litter. We want to remind pregnant women and those with suppressed immune systems that a parasite found in cat feces can sometimes transmit a disease e called toxoplasmosis. For further information, please contact your physician. Warning: Children can fall into bucket and drown. Keep children away from bucket with even a small amount of liquid.


60 Days 240 clumps. Perfume and dye free. Highly absorbent. Up to 50% lighter than traditional clay scoop brands (Based upon laboratory testing, as compared to traditional clay scoop litter. Results may vary based upon individual litter changing habits. Quality & trust guarantee. Quality guaranteed or your money back. For product questions or concerns, contact us at 1-877-846-9949

Directions for Use: 1. Pour enough Companion Unscented Lightweight Cat Litter into a clean litter box to cover bottom at least 2-3 inches deep. 2. Each day remove all liquid clumps and solid waste from litter box with a sifting scoop. Dispose of waste in trash receptacle. (Do not flush waste down the toilet or any waste system.) 3. If scooped daily, the remaining clean litter will not need to be discarded. Simply add fresh Companion Unscented Lightweight Cat Litter as needed to maintain at least a 2-3 inch depth. Store in a cool dry place. This product is filled by weight, settlement will occur.

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