Tidy Cats Naturally Strong Clumping Cat Litter Clean Lemongrass

Tidy Cats Naturally Strong Clumping Cat Litter Clean Lemongrass

14 lb jug


Natural Clay Product With Natural Fragrance


Note: We want to remind those with suppressed immune systems and pregnant women that a parasite sometimes found in cat feces can cause toxoplasmosis. Please wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. Encouraging your cat to use an indoor little box, or properly disposing of outdoor cat feces, is beneficial to overall water quality. Please do not flush cat litter in toilets or dispose of it outdoors in gutters or storm drains. Used litter is not recommended for garden use. Store in a dry place. Products is filled by weight; some settling may occur.


Guaranteed 12 day odor control. With odor-fighting plant extracts. 100% natural. 100% powerful. The powers of natural scent and clay combine for outstanding odor control with the clumping you need - and the completely natural scent you've been looking for in litter. Cat-Safe Natural Litter Blend: Leaves a light, energizing aroma. Clay Granules: Lock away moisture, provide naturally tight clumping. Plant Extracts: Help fight odor. 99.9% Dust Free: Naturally free of dyes. Each month, replace litter and clean the box with warm water and a mild detergent. Your pet, our passion. The Power of 100% Natural Scent: This 100% natural scent blend derived from plants helps fight litter box odor, naturally and without compromise. The Clean Lemongrass blend keeps odors controlled, providing a light, natural scent that works harmoniously in your home. This odor-fighting blend comes from pure extractions from different plants, and is made to people and cats safe. Fun Fact! Lemongrass is known for its soothing & calming properties. Twitter. Facebook. We're listening. Visit us online at Purina.com or call 1-800-925-6369. Questions? Visit us at TidyCats.com.

Directions: 1. Pour to a depth of 3-4 inches. 2. Remove solids daily. 3. Add more litter to maintain a depth of 3-4 inches. Clean the cat box with warm water and a mild detergent between litter changes.

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