World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cats Blossom

World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cats Blossom

15 lb bag


Caution: Pregnant, nursing or immune-suppressed persons should use good cleanliness and safety practices when handling soiled litter or pet waste. Cat feces can transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis. Consult your physician for more information.


Multiple cat lotus blossom scented. Love it's only natural. Naturally Safe: No harmful chemicals. No artificial perfumes. No silica dust. 2x longer lasting. Smell less. Clean less. Buy less (as compared to the leading US brand and based on third-party testing). Quick clumping. Outstanding odor control. 99% dust free. Flushable (designed to flush in well-maintained systems. Flush only 1-2 clumps of World's best cat litter at a time in the toilet. The State of California encourage the disposal of cat faces in trash and discourages flushing faces in toilets or disposing of them in drains) septic safe. Natural botanicals. Natural corn litter. Purely fresh. Try it because it lasts. Use it because it's safe. Love it because it gives back. WBCL is low dust, the cats love it, and my favorite thing? It's flushable! - Kelly M, Co. Multiple cat lotus blossom scented. Made with natural botanicals, this multiple cat formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer litter with a light floral scent. Outstanding odor control. Quick clumping & easy scooping. 99% dust free. Pet, people & planet friendly. Lightweight. Flushable septic safe. 2 cats - 36 + day, 3 cats - 24 + days, 4 cats - 18 + days . Calculated based on average size cats. results may vary. The long lasting power of corn. Why settle for clay? World's best cat litter compresses corn into super-absorbent granules that trap odor and simplify cleanup with quick-clumping action. The No.1 Cat litter made from whole-kernel corn. The result is a long-lasting solution that allows you to smell less, clean less and buy less! Find more information and other litter box tips at For additional information and helpful hints, visit us online at Questions or comments: Toll-free 877-367-9225 (mon-fri, 8 am-5 pm CST). Give litter: We support cat adoption & shelters.

Why Settle? Switching is easy! (1) Transition slowly: Start with only a third of World’s Best Cat Litter added to a clean box of your current litter. Then, once your cat is more familiar with it, change to two-thirds. After that, use only World’s Best Cat Litter. (2) Pick a good location: Provide at least one litter box per cat. Place the box in a quiet place that can be easily accessed and is away from the cat’s food and water dishes. (3) Keep it clean: For best results, scoop clumps daily and maintain a depth of 2-3 inches of World’s Best Cat Litter. World’s Best Cat Litter should be stored in a sealed bag or bin in an area that is cool, clean and dry. If your cat refuses to use the litter box, consult your veterinarian. World’s Best Cat Litter should not be used as a traction aid on ice or snow. As with any litter product if your cat shows an adverse reaction or begins to eat the litter repeatedly, please discontinue use immediately.

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Made In USA.


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