Ruffin' It Cat Bowl Whisker Comfort

Ruffin' It Cat Bowl Whisker Comfort

1 ct pkg


Stainless Steel, Medical Grade Silicone.


Ruffin' It™ Cat Bowl Whisker Comfort™. Relieves whisker discomfort. Westminster Pet Products - A family company. The Whisker Comfort™ Cat Bowl is designed to eliminate whisker stress (also called whisker fatigue) when your cat is eating. Whisker stress happens when a cat's ultra sensitive whiskers are constantly touching the sides of the bowl. This can result in lack of interest in food, finicky eating habits and irritability. The Whisker Comfort™ Cat Bowl features a gently curving surface so the cat's whiskers never come in contact with the bowl's sides. The curved surface also ensures that food settles to the bowl's center and does not get pushed into the edge of the bowl and abandoned. Whisker Comfort™ Cat Bowl also includes: Easy to clean, bacteria resistant, stainless steel construction. Medical grade silicone non-skid edging (removable for easy cleaning). A cushioned finger hole for easy lifting. Item# 19010. Patents pending. Ruffin' It is a Trademark of Westminster Pet Products, Inc. ©2016 Ruffin' It.

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