Cat Dancer The Original Interactive Cat Toy

Cat Dancer The Original Interactive Cat Toy

1 ct pkg


The Original Interactive Cat Toy.


Be careful when unwrapping the toy, it has a lot of energy wound up in it, once you have untied the toy straighten the wire between your fingers by gently bending it back to a straight wire, this will help you control the wire to help your cat chase it. Replace the toy when the cardboard pieces start to fall off, new ones cannot be reattached.


CatDancer® The Original Interactive Cat Toy. Cat Dancer®, the action cat toy, will enable you to enter your cat's world of speed and agility, and share their playfulness and spirit of the hunt. Cat Dancer Products also offers: Catnip Cat Dancer® - The original interactive cat toy with a mouse shaped handle that is loaded with all the scent from 100% catnip oil. Cat Dancer Compleat® - A Cat Dancer with a paw shaped mounting patch to hold Cat Dancer when you are away. Cat Charmer® - A safe colourful toy for all kittens, cats and kids. Chasers - Three fun time of shapes for fetch, toss and carry games. Cat dancer is made from just steel and cardboard and is recyclable. Patent D295798. ©1995 Cat Dancer Products.

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