Ruff & Whiskerz Natural Rodentz Cat Toy

Ruff & Whiskerz Natural Rodentz Cat Toy

1 ct pkg


This is a supervised pet play toy designed for you and your pet to enjoy together. Remove pack-aging before giving to your pet. Supervise your pet while playing. Do not leave product unattended with animals that eat toys. Immediately discard damaged product. Contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard. Spot clean product with mild soap and water. Keep out of reach of unsupervised children. Intended for pet use only. This is not a child's toy.


Ruff & Whiskerz™ Natural Rodentz™. Pet play. Happy play. Safe play. Catnip inside. Made with rugged, eco-friendly and natural material. Toys for your cat or dog have to be a whole lot of fun. And they have to be safe and durable. That's what you'll find in every Ruff & Whiskerz toy. Everything Ruff & Whiskerz makes is constructed of quality, long lasting materials. And you can be confident that every Ruff & Whiskerz toy is designed with your pet's safety and well-being in mind. You'll find Ruff & Whiskerz toys for cats and dogs of all ages, and all breeds. Play on. Recycled polyester fill. Environmentally friendly. Recycled packaging. All new material content: Polyester fiber. Your cat will love all of our item. Natural. Rodentz, Wiggliez, Feather Buddiez, Teaserz, Wand Buddiez, Danglerz. Wildlife. Buddiez, Cherperz, Finz, Rodentz, Feather Ballz. All other symbols, marks, logos and designs (collectively "Trademarks") are Trademarks of and proprietary to their respective owners and used under license by KTR Group. Contents may vary in style, color, shape and decoration from images shown on package or in advertising. Questions or comments? or [email protected] All Rights Reserved.

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