Ruffin' It Chomp'ems Yak Cheese Dog Chews Small 100% Natural

Ruffin' It Chomp'ems Yak Cheese Dog Chews Small 100% Natural

2 ct pkg


Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Salt, Lime Juice.


Safety: As with all chews, supervise your dog when giving this chew. All dogs love cheese, but a very few may be sensitive to dairy which may result in an upset stomach. Use caution if your dog has never consumed cheese before. This treat is not intended to be consumed whole or in large chunks, which could result in choking or intestinal distress.


Low in fat. No chemicals, preservatives or additives. No fillers or grains. High in protein. Made in the Himalayan mountains. Extra long-lasting. Handmade from all natural yak's milk. Supports canine dental health. Our Yak Cheese Chews are made in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal from Yak's milk. Dogs go wild over the natural cheese flavor, plus these long lasting chews will satisfy a dog's natural instinct to chew. Himalayan Yak Cheese is highly nutritious, low in fat and high in protein. 100% Digestible. Odor free. Non-staining. Helps strengthen teeth & gums. Ruffin'It - Quality pet treats and accessories. Westminster Pet Products - A family company.

Feeding Instructions: These chews are intended as a chew and are not a complete diet. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, a balanced diet and lots of water. Once your dog chews the treat to a small size, 1.5 inch - 2 inch, remove the piece and Puff it in your microwave oven for 30-40 seconds and then let it cool. The result is another tasty treat for your dog! Store in a cool dry place after opening.

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