Pet Select Tie-Out Cable 20' Heavy Weight

Pet Select Tie-Out Cable 20' Heavy Weight

1 ct pkg


Pet select® 20' Heavy Weight Tie-Out Cable. Rust resistant. Strong & secure. Vinyl coated galvanized steel cable. 3 year money back guarantee. For dogs up to 100lbs. Pet Select® Dog Tie Out Cable allows freedom for your dog. This cable is vinyl coated and made of galvanized steel making it stronger than ordinary chain or rope. Each cable also comes with two heavy duty snaps attached to it. Pet Select and pet select with design are trademarks of Four Paws Products Ltd.

Installation instructions: Select a site that is free of all obstructions. Attach one snap of the tie-out cable to a Pet Select® tie-out stake (sold separately) or use a screw eye hook if attaching the tie-out cable to a fence pole, tree, or side of house (eye hook not included). Attach the other snap to dog's collar.

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