Ruffin' It Healthfuls Wholesome Treats for Dogs Sweet Potato/Chicken Wraps

Ruffin' It Healthfuls Wholesome Treats for Dogs Sweet Potato/Chicken Wraps

16 oz bag


Sweet Potato Chicken Breast, Glycerin, Salt.


Real sweet potato wrapped in premium chicken fillet. No colors or preservatives. Wholesome treats for dogs. Vitamin rich helps support vision, skin & coat. No fillers or grains. Healthfuls sweet potato & chicken wraps are packed with nutritious goodness and a natural sweet flavor that dogs love. These treats combine the high protein of premium chicken breast with the benefits of Sweet Potatoes, one of the most nutritious of all vegetables. Our Sweet Potato & Chicken Wraps are low in fat and easily digestible. Chicken Breast: Our premium chicken breast fillets are naturally high in protein and low in fat. They contain amino acids used in muscle development and help maintain your dog's muscle tone. Quality pet treats and accessories. pet products a family company. No artificial flavors. Treated by irradiation.

Feeding Instructions: Sweet potato & chicken wraps are intended as a treat and are not a complete diet. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, a balanced diet and lots of water. Healthfuls are a natural nutritional supplement to provide your dog with the nutrition that may be missing from its regular diet recommended daily portions based upon your dog's weight. Toy: 3 to 12 lbs - 2 treats; Small: 13 to 25 lbs - 3 treats; Medium: 26 to 50 lbs - 4 treats; Large: over 50 lbs - 5 treats. Food Safety: The safety of our products is Westminster pet's No 1 priority. Sweet potato & Chicken Wraps are cut, cooked and dried in a food grade facility. This facility is certified to BRC global food safety standards and inspected by independent 3rd parties. On arrival at our US facilities (also certified to BRC global food safety standards), we inspect and test the treats in our in-house lab to ensure that each incoming lot meets our strict standards for purity. Westminster pet, a facility company, bringing you treats that you can trust and your dog will love! Safety: Always supervise your pet when giving any treats or chews. Hands should be washed thoroughly after handling any dog treats.

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