Updated April 2, 2020

To Our Customers,

As we face more restrictions on social interaction, we are all adjusting to a new way of living. All businesses, including Giant Food, are adapting operations to comply with new CDC guidelines to protect your health and safety. Supermarkets, as well as our vendor and distribution partners, are essential services right now. Our associates, who report to work each day, choose to do so with the mission of serving and providing for their neighbors and our communities.

I am extraordinarily proud of and grateful to our store teams, pharmacists, and distribution and supply chain associates for their dedication. Our first priority is always the health and safety of our associates and customers. With our teams serving on the frontline of this crisis, we are continuously focused on putting measures in place to improve safety for our associates as well as our customers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping in our stores will be a different experience, but we hope that you will understand the steps we are taking to provide a safer environment and do your part to support our efforts. Here is what you may see during your next visit:

Social Distancing & Plexiglass Shields

You will see signage and new procedures in our stores to encourage social distancing (staying six feet apart from other people). We are also in the process of installing temporary plexiglass shields for higher-traffic areas, such as our pharmacies, cash registers, and customer service desks. You will begin to see these additional measures in place over the coming days, and we will continue to pursue ways to enhance safety and protection during these unprecedented times.

Associates in Masks and Gloves

While still not recommended by the CDC for people who are not sick, we appreciate that some of our associates have continued to express interest in wearing surgical masks and/or gloves while at work. As such, associates with an interest in doing so may wear a surgical mask and/or gloves during their shift. We want to assure you, if you see an associate wearing a mask, it does not mean that the associate is ill. If an associate is not feeling well or is demonstrating any signs of being sick, they have been instructed not to report to work under any circumstances.

Security Presence

Our Asset Protection teams are working around the clock to protect you and prevent disruptions in our stores. We have allocated additional resources to ensure the safety of our associates and customers.

We understand the anxiety that this situation is causing for everyone. We are all in this together. The Giant Food leadership team meets daily to collect and assess the feedback that we are receiving from our associates and customers. We are committed to listening and understanding the concerns that are expressed to us and will do our best to meet the needs that arise.

Reusable Bag Policy

To support our priority of safety for both customers and employees alike, our associates will not bag customers’ orders in reusable bags that are brought into our stores, unless the customer buys the reusable bag(s) at the time of checkout. Otherwise, if reusable bags are brought by customers, our associates will present the customer with the choice of either allowing the customer to bag their own items in the reusable bags, or the associate can bag the groceries using store provided plastic bags (and if desired, the customer can then put the bagged groceries in their reusable bags at that time).

Please stay safe and healthy and know that your local Giant Food will remain ready to serve when you need us.

Ira Kress
Interim President, Giant Food