Press Release
June 26, 2018


Investment of $21 million in store will bring enhanced benefits to local customers

LANDOVER, MD – Giant Food announced a new store planned opening to be completed in January 2019 totaling a $21 million investment. The store will be located at 18140 Village Center Drive in Olney, Md., replacing the former Shoppers Food location. With over 41,000 feet of selling space, the new store will accommodate more options and expanded departments for shoppers.

Store amenities will include a full-service florist, sushi bar, expanded natural and organic department, cheese shop, enhanced beer and wine selection, prepared food bar, full-service meat, seafood and deli departments, and more. The store will also feature a full-service pharmacy, self-checkout and an on-site Peapod pick-up location. Additional retail amenities include a PNC bank branch as well as a Starbucks.

The expanded departments and additional in-store amenities will pave the way for increased new jobs to the greater Olney, Md. community.

“We are extremely excited to be announcing our new store location in Olney, Md.,” said Gordon Reid, President of Giant Food. “The new store has many convenient features and expanded departments for our customers, such as our ever-changing sushi bar and cheese shop. We look forward to continued investment in new store openings and remodels in the coming year to further benefit our local communities.”

The store is expected to be completed in January 2019. Loyal shoppers of the Giant Food at 17821 Georgia Avenue in Olney will not experience an interruption in service as the new store will open the same day the current nearby location closes its doors. Details on opening events for the new store are to come.

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